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SGI Canada – Why We Sell Our Products Through Brokers

We read this piece from SGI Canada that lists six reasons they love their brokers, & couldn’t agree more!

Brokers work hard every day to increase their knowledge base and to serve their clients.  We take our role as trusted advisor very seriously, and the result is great value to you, the customer.

Here is the article from SGI Canada.  And yes, SGI – we love you guys too!

Why we sell our products through brokers

Mar 31, 2020

SGI CANADA has been selling our products through our independent insurance brokers since the very beginning of our company – and for good reason. Our broker partners work with us to deliver an exceptional customer experience to people across Canada, including personalized service and expert advice. They also act as our “ears on the ground,” telling us about trends and features that customers need. Find out why our brokers are the best.

6 reasons we love our brokers

  • Brokers provide an exceptional experience to customers.Insurance is complicated, and brokers can help. They can get to know you and your family directly, which helps them really figure out what you need, now and as your life changes. They’ll do all the legwork, investigating the options on the market and using their knowledge and expertise to help you choose the products that work for you. It’s up to them to help you make sure you have the coverages you need for whatever comes your way.

    Note: Brokers love serving people, and we hear from them that many of them are missing seeing your smiling faces in their offices.

  • Brokers put your needs first.Brokers are independent, acting on your behalf to make sure you have the coverage that’s right for you. They put the needs of you and your family at the forefront, and will help walk you through the claims process, if you have a situation to deal with.
  • Brokers are always upgrading their knowledge.Life changes all the time, which means insurance products must change, too. Brokers take certified training, including the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) program and the Certified Insurance Professional program, and must be licensed by their provincial association in order to practice. They are committed to staying on top of the industry changes and upgrading their knowledge every year in order to offer you the latest and best support they can.
  • Brokers offer service to people in their own communities.Brokers are the feet on the ground, offering local services and a local perspective. Their personal touch helps SGI CANADA stay in touch with local trends and situations which allow us to make insurance products that fit you better.

    The brokers we partner with also believe in giving back to their communities. They’re volunteers, coaches and sponsors, and SGI CANADA is proud to help support their projects and passions in any way we can.

  • Brokers are innovative.The brokers we work with are always trying new things, whether it’s new technology or approaches to the customer experience. In these changing times, many of our brokers already offer telephone, email and online service options – which are proving vital for the future needs of customers.
  • Brokers support and believe in our shared industry.It’s no secret – brokers love insurance just as much as we do. Many are also active on their provincial and national boards, passing on their insights and experiences to their peers. They are dedicated to improving and advancing our shared industry, helping meet the needs of today’s customers.

We love our brokers

At SGI CANADA, we know we have the best brokers in the country. We have been successful by balancing our strengths and working together to protect what matters to you.